Cardano Digital Brain Power

Your 24/7 Staking Pool, reality in a world of pure imagination. Technological innovation bringing you Trust, Confidence and Security. Join us, power your BRAIN!

Ticker: BRAIN


Online 24/7
Low fees
Brain powered

[BRAIN] Info

Ticker: BRAIN


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Total Stake
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Tax Ratio
2 %
Tax Fix
340 ₳
Lifetime blocks
Blocks in epoch
Düsseldorf, Germany

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What's in it for me?

Rewards calculation

The rewards are calculated the following way:

Total rewards
- 2 % Fee
- 340 ₳ Fee
= Rewards

Those rewards will be split between all delegators

When do I get rewarded?

  • Delegation (current) Epoch 247

    You delegate your stake

  • Snapshot / Grace Epoch 248

    A delegation snapshot is taken

  • Delegated Epoch 249

    Your delegation is live

  • Calculation Epoch 250

    Rewards are being calculated

  • Rewards Epoch 251

    You'll receive your rewards

When you delegate to BRAIN we'll even reward you with our gratitude!

What is cardano?

Cardano is a Game Changer and probably the most ambitioned Blockchain project ever.

Built and controlled by a decentralized technology Platform, Cardano is the leading proof of stake blockchain platform for smart contracts, decentralized Blockchain applications and solutions for among others handling security, scalability problems and governance.

Cardano is a so called third generation blockchain platform. Using Proof of Stake (PoS) it has several advantages above Proof of Work (PoW). The PoS system is energy efficient, more safe and decentralized, less expensive and provides economic benefits through masternode and staking platforms. By introducing several parameter Cardano took care of possible weaknesses making the ecosystem even more attractive and secure for stake pool holder and their delegator.

Why shall I delegate to BRAIN?

BRAIN is running on our own new, secure, reliable and dedicated servers.

BRAIN has a competitive fee structure of 2% margin and the desired 340 fixed.

BRAIN is monitoring 24/7, providing you with the most actual information needed.

BRAIN is always up to date. A dedicated and highly motivated team of professionals is standing by 365 day a year for maintenance, updates and maximum security.

Online 24/7
Low fees
Future proof
Brain powered

Interested? Let's get started!

New to Cardano?

  1. Get yourself some ADA
    There're many exchanges out there. Binance and Kraken are just two of them.
  2. Install a wallet
    There is Yoroi for your Phone or Browser and you may also use Daedalus on your PC.
  3. Transfer your funds
    Transfer your ADA to your wallet
  4. Delegate!
    Let's delegate your ADA

Delegate your ADA to BRAIN

  1. Open your funded wallet
    You just need 10 ADA (+ Network fees) to get started!
  2. Go to Delegation
  3. Choose BRAIN
    Select BRAIN as your staking pool and verify the pool id is correct. 90caf0211fec868e9c295857ace58b184d314e564790c18279bef550
  4. Submit your delegation
    Verify your settings and submit your transaction to delegate with BRAIN.
  5. Wait for your rewards
    As noted above your stake is live in the epoch after next. Your rewards will be paid two epochs later.
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